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Historical Documents



The Regius Manuscript (circa 1390 C. E.)


The Cooke Manuscript (circa 1450 C. E.)


The Strasburg Constitutions (1459 C. E.)


The Torgau Ordinances (1462 C. E.)


Dowland’s Manuscript (circa 1500 C. E.)


The Watson Manuscript (circa 1535 C. E.)


Lansdowne Manuscript (circa 1560 C. E.)


Grand Lodge Manuscript No. 1 (1583 C. E.)


The Schaw Statutes (1598 & 1599 C. E.)


York Manuscript No.1 (circa 1600 C. E.)


St. Claire Charters (1601 & 1628 C. E.)


Grand Lodge Manuscript (1632 C. E.)


Sloane Manuscript No. 3848 (1646 C. E.)


The Wilson Manuscript (circa 1650 C. E.)


Inigo Jones Manuscript (1655 C. E.)


Harleian Manuscript No.1942 (circa 1670 C. E.)


The Thomas Tew Manuscript (1680 C. E.)


Lodge of Hope Manuscript (circa 1680 C. E.)


The Antiquity Manuscript (1686 C. E.)


Alnwick Manuscript (1701 C. E.)


Papworth Manuscript (1714 C. E.)





The Baal’s Bridge Square (1507 C. E.)


Additional Orders and Constitutions (1663 C. E.)


The Harleian Manuscript – excerpt (circa 1670 C. E.)


Plot’s Natural History of Staffordshire (1686 C. E.)


Aubrey’s Natural History of Wiltshire (1686 C. E.)


Edinburgh Register House Manuscript (circa 1696 C. E.)


The Kevan Manuscript (circa 1714 – 1720 C. E.)


The Grand Mystery of Freemasons Discovered (1724 C. E.)


The Secret History of the Freemasons (1724 C. E.)


The Whole Institution of Freemasons Opened (1725 C. E.)


Institution of Freemasons (1725 C. E.)


The Graham Manuscript (1726 C. E.)


The Mason’s Confession (1727 C. E.)


Pritchard’s Masonry Dissected (1730 C. E.)


Three Distinctive Knocks (1760 C. E.)


An Authentic Key to the Door of Freemasonry (1762 C. E.)


Finch’s Masonic Treatise (1802 C. E.)





Payne’s General Regulations (1721 C. E.)


Robert’s Constitutions (1722 C. E.)


Anderson’s Old Charges (1723 C. E.)


Anderson’s Constitutions (1723 C. E.)


Anderson’s Constitutions, Franklin Ed. (1734 C. E.)


Ahiman Rezon, 2nd Ed. (1764 C. E.)


Ahiman Rezon or A Help to a Brother (1795 C. E.)


The Atholl Charter (1781 C. E.)

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