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Our Officer Team


William Chapin II



Bro. Chapin was initiated by the brethren of Harmonie Lodge, no. 699 on August 11th 2010, passed on November 10th 2010 and raised on March 19th 2011. An active member of Harmonie from the start, he has served in the appointed positions of Senior Steward, Chaplain and Senior Deacon prior to his election as Junior Warden. He was also elected to a previous term as a Trustee of Harmonie Lodge. Bro. Chapin is also a member of Tonawanda Keystone Chapter #71, Royal Arch Masons. He also served several years as Treasurer for the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club.

Bro. Chapin has taken a specific interest in the historical significance of Western New York Masonry, having presented educational lectures to Harmonie Lodge on several occasions, including original material on the subjects of the 3 Degree Scripture Lessons, their historical and theological context and the life and exploits Colonel Cyrenius Chapin, M.D., a notable Buffalo Mason. He was also a contributor to several other lectures and presentations, notably Harmonie Lodge’s Walking Tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery, focusing on its famous Masonic and Non-Masonic residents and their historical importance.

As Lodge Trustee, Bro. Chapin is proud of his work to modernize the work of the Trustees, bringing a higher level of transparency and accountability to their work and availability to the members and officers of the Lodge. He authored standards and best practices for the prudent management of the Lodge’s real and intangible assets and continues to consult with the current elected Trustees.

In his professional career, Bro. Chapin is employed as an Assistant Vice President of M&T Bank, responsible for Sales Strategy and Analytics for its Retail Branch Division. He resides in the City of Buffalo with his wife Leanne and son Asher.

Nicholas Hornberger

Senior Warden


Our Grand Lodge Officers
Right Worshipful
Daniel J. Di Natale

• 143rd and 144th Master of Harmonie Lodge No. 699

• Assistant Grand Lecturer of the First Erie Masonic

   District 2014-16

• District Deputy Grand Master of the First Erie Masonic   

   District 2016-2018


Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale was Initiated on December 7th, 2006, Passed on February 1st, 2007 and Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 13th, 2007. He is the youngest serving Master in Harmonie Lodge’s history. He is also the longest serving President of the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club since it’s founding. The Lodge has honored him, receiving two awards; The Albert Pike Award for Masonic Education and The Ward A. Peterson Award for Masonic Benevolence for his work in reestablishing the Lodge’s benevolence fund.

Since being Raised, Bro. Di Natale has been on the forefront of Masonic renewal and the resurgence of Masonic education. Before being Master of Harmonie, he was the Education Director of two Lodges and worked with Brother Dick Fisher in establishing the Reading Room and Library located at the Masonic Service Bureau. He was one of the key figures in developing the Janusian Lodge model at Harmonie, leading it to be listed as one of the most progressive Lodge’s in the United States (see Academia Lodge) and the Lodge earning The Mark Twain Award in 2010.  It is because of this experience that W:. Di Natale has become one of the most sought after Masonic speakers this side of Albany. Giving lectures on Masonic restoration to well over a dozen Masonic Districts in New York, which have been attended by hundreds of Masons from this state and elsewhere. Bro. Di Natale was appointed by the Right Worshipful Thomas Pecoraro, District Deputy Grand Master of the 1st Erie Masonic District, to join his District Team to speak to 1st Erie on Masonic restoration and Lodge development in 2012 to 2014.

Though his most popular lectures are on Masonic renewal, his topics of choice are centered on early Masonic ritual practices and the forms, functions and history of the Masonic Tracing Boards. W:. Di Natale has given lectures on these topics in numerous Lodges, most notably the Western New York School of Instruction. He is a frequent lecturer and current Master of the Western New York Lodge of Research, where he covers these topics and others.

In 2014 Bro. Di Natale was appointed by Right Worshipful Richard J. Kessler, Grand Lecturer, as Assistant Grand Lecturer of the First Erie Masonic District. He is the youngest known to have held this position in any of the Erie Districts and very well the whole Grand Jurisdiction. He is also the Site Coordinator of the Ritual Renaissance Program in Erie County and member of the Membership Development Grand Lodge Committee serving our Most Worshipful Grand Master , the Most Worshipful Willam J. Thomas, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

His service to Grand Master Thomas earned him the attention of the then Deputy Grand Master, Most Wor. Jeffery M. Williamson. In 2016 Most Wor. Jeffery M. Williamson appointed Bro. Di Natale as District Deputy Grand Master, the first in almost 50 years at Harmonie Lodge. Within the vision of Grand Master Williamson Bro. Di Natale is driven to build Masonry as a “Way of Life” for all those in our Masonic community.

Outside of Freemasonry, Bro. Di Natale is an Alumni of The University at Buffalo, where he studied Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. He currently works as a Banker for the second largest bank in America. He is also a well-known collector of Masonic regalia and rare Masonic books, his library boasting well over one hundred rare volumes and many rare Masonic objects of interest.

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