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Can-Am Visitation and Presentation on Masonic Etiquette

Updated: Jan 4, 2018

It's that time of year when our Canadian brethren come and visit us - and is always highly anticipated and appreciated.

This night we had:  

Wor. Bro. Tim Whitfield, Master of Palmer Lodge #372 Right Wor. Bro. Terry Metcalf PDDGM, Palmer Lodge #372 Very Wor. Bro. Ric Simpson, Palmer Lodge #372 Wor. Bro. John Newton, Palmer Lodge #372 Wor. Bro. Charlie Lemmex, Palmer Lodge #372 Wor. Bro. Mark Taylor, Palmer Lodge #372 Wor. Bro. Chris Wright, Adoniram Lodge #573 Also Bro. John Newman gave a brief introduction on masonic etiquette for the benefit of the craft.

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