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The Vision and Method of Janusian Masonry:

“We take good men and make them better, one man at a time.
We teach using a timeless system of moral instruction,
based in individual experience and built in the universal pursuit
of wisdom and brotherhood.”

At Harmonie Lodge, we practice Janusian Masonry. In recent years, Lodges the world over have adopted “restorative” practices, such as “Traditional Observance” or “European Concept”.  This Masonic renaissance has inspired the members of Harmonie and as part of this global resurgence, developed our own vision and methods of restoration. This vision is Janusian Masonry. The empowerment of the individual through the pursuit of real knowledge, self improvement and true brotherhood.

Like the Roman God of old, Janus, Harmonie has one face looking forward to our fraternity’s prosperous future and another looking back to our order’s illustrious past.  Inspired by the Masonic Lodges of the eighteenth century, where Brothers Benjamin Franklin, Gilbert du Motier marquis de Lafayette, Voltaire and Mozart would find their home. As with Janus facing forward and back, Harmonie Lodge is also inspired by our contemporaries. Brothers Andrew Hammer, W.Kirk McNaulty and Gregory Steward, have all affected the modern Masonic renaissance happening at Harmonie Lodge.

Harmonie Lodge is traditional in our emulation of the forms, ceremonies, and practices developed during the eighteenth century, when Freemasonry was a progressive tool of the Enlightenment, universal brotherhood and a driving force in the evolution of society at large. We are a Observant Lodge with modern sensibilities.

While tradition guides us in spirit, our Lodge is fully vested in the culture and technology of the twenty-first century. We have integrated modern technology in all aspects of our operations, from Lodge business, Masonic education, and degree ceremonies. Wireless Internet, surround sound and multi-media presentations have greatly increased the efficiency and beauty of our enlightenment based enterprise.

Harmonie Lodge is a modern mystery school focusing on the examination and contemplation of the philosophies, traditions and practices of speculative Masonry. The Brothers of Harmonie Lodge seek to guide our members through a trans-formative process of intellectual and spiritual awakening, culminating in the individual’s own enlightenment, the heart of Janusian Masonry.

The brethren of Harmonie Lodge do not fear change and embrace progress with open arms. In context, Janusian Masonry is the second incarnation of Harmonie’s overall vision. While acting within the Ancient Landmarks and the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of New York, we seek enlightenment on an individual level, true brotherhood  and modernization of Freemasonry at the institutional level. For it is only by living intensely in our own times that we may strive to improve ourselves, our brotherhood and the world at large.

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